Live, Love & Be Conscious

Diane Demetre

I was born under the western zodiac of Gemini and the Eastern zodiac of the Rooster. I am a 31/4. I believe in the Joy of Life, the Passion of Love and the Peace of Truth. I love dancing, entertaining, educating and anything that sparkles. My quest is to be the fullest expression of The Goddess I can Be.

I was a bright, affectionate Shirley Temple type of child with golden ringlets and ever questioning nature. As an adopted child, I chose a mother and father who loved me dearly. With the spirit of Terpsichore I wiggled my nappy off when I was two years of age dancing in front of the radiogram. This was my first significantly outward sign of The Goddess and so my parents decided they should send me to dance classes. And that is where The Goddess was first unleashed.

I am the Dance! I love to Dance! I live to Dance! It is the expression of my soul and even today it is the best gift I can give to myself.

As a young girl and blossoming woman who often spontaneously expressed The Goddess, I demonstrated a strong, powerful, intelligent yet socially conscious nature, never scared to speak my mind with my peers or superiors. I believed and still do that we are all inherently good and equal, with greatness of spirit.

A woman with this type of drive, forthright communication and passion was not generally well accepted. Unfortunately if I had been male I would have been applauded as a young man with ambition possessing all the ‘right’ qualities to succeed. However a young woman with these qualities in the 70’s was treated with caution, control and at times derision. However the Dance was my haven and the stage my home, so The Goddess expressed herself more and more.

I grew up, qualified as a school teacher and then grabbed the opportunity to perform, choreograph and direct in professional theatre for many years which I adored. This was then snatched from me at the age of 30 just at my peak, due to political manoeuvrings and a resistance on my part to participate in the ‘casting couch’ scenario with a groping producer. And so I was discarded. But not without a nationally publicised court case that although I won, I never received any compensation. However my case did change the anti-discrimination laws in the country making it safer for women not to be sexually discriminated against in the workplace.

Thus seen as a trouble-maker and whistle-blower, my career was lost and I was thrown into the bottomless pit of my life. I was left broke and broken. I found myself in dark depression where all I loved and valued existed no more. My career on my beloved stage was finished. To leave this ‘mortal shell’ seemed less painful that what I suffered for many years to follow.

But with the love of my friends and family, I clung on until one day The Goddess finally got through my darkness in a synchronistic incident that changed my life. And so my conscious journey to find Her, to find Me began.

In the many years that have since passed I reinvented myself, found answers to my questions and rebuilt myself becoming a Stress & Life Skills Therapist, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant. But most of all I began to fulfill my quest of being the fuller expression of the Divine Feminine… The Goddess of Love.

Never far from my love of performance, I appeared as ‘The Goddess of Love’ on Gold FM’s weekly radio program the Nitemix broadcast to millions of national listeners.

I then appeared as the ‘Goddess of Love’ as a guest panellist on the national television program Beauty & the Beast for two years where I worked with both ‘Beasts’ Stan Zemanek and then Doug Mulray.

I now operate successful businesses in Australia and overseas with my husband.

Recently I have once again returned to my creative passion to entertain, to bring joy to others by writing love stories with a twist. Stories that entertain, that combine relationships, sexuality and divine intervention. Stories filled with escapism, the erotic and the exotic for empowered 21st Century women.

And through all these decades, The Goddess has been there, guiding me.

This website is dedicated to Her and to all of you, Goddesses One and All.

At Conversations with The Goddess are excerpts from some of the many personal conversations I have had over the years with The Goddess.

Ask The Goddess gives you an opportunity to ask a personal question and I will return to you the answer from The Goddess.

As women, we are each The Goddess expressing herself. Be kind to yourself. Acknowledge your beauty, not your faults. Welcome to the party!