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Conversation Thirty-Three…Witness and Influence

In science, the practice of double blind is used in experiments and test in order to generate more accurate results. It is widely accepted that the observer of the experiment or test can influence results simply through the task of observation. But in double blind tests, because the observer does not know what they are(…)

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Conversation Thirty-Two…There is only Unfoldment

When you cling to the past you demonstrate a belief in loss and separation. Looking back is stagnating and stifling. But when you focus on life unfolding now, and you align yourself to this perfectly-timed, perfectly-harmonic unfoldment, you discover there is no past to which you can cling. There is only the experience of being(…)

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Conversation Thirty-One…Evolution of Consciousness

There is a collective purpose and it is not to succeed at life, for to succeed is egocentric. The collective purpose is to for everyone to be the fullest expression of conscious being, for the evolution of human consciousness. Therefore it behooves everyone to grow, to be only that which contributes to individualized growth and that(…)

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Conversation Thirty…Wanting more

So many want more in life. More money, more fun, more adventure, more love, more health. There is nothing wrong in wanting more, but most don’t must realize or want to accept responsibility that if they want more, they must firstly be more in their lives. Being more requires giving. You can only receive more after(…)

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