Conversation Thirty-One…Evolution of Consciousness

There is a collective purpose and it is not to succeed at life,¬†for to succeed is egocentric. The collective purpose is to for everyone to be the fullest expression of conscious being, for the evolution of human consciousness. Therefore it behooves everyone to grow, to be only that which contributes to individualized growth and that(…)

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Conversation Ten.. The Presence of Peace

Be the presence of peace. So many think they are looking for balance; to balance their family and work, to balance their kilojoules in and energy out, to balance their finances. So many think it is about bringing balance to their life. It is not. Balance implies the possibility of sliding off the fulcrum to(…)

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Conversation Six … Peace is Life

Look carefully. There are forces at work here unknown to you yet. Just continue what you are being, surrender to The Goddess. It is vital you continue this dialogue and write our conversations down. In this way you will develop more trust in these dialogues. You are ready however you must stay ready. Prepare yourself(…)

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