Conversation Twenty-One…No such thing as sacrifice

Be willing to grow, to expand, to explore meaning and purpose.

Without willingness nothing changes. Without willingness there appears to be sacrifice. But sacrifice is a function of the ego, as it continues seducing you to believe you have to give up something valuable in order to grow and expand your consciousness and reclaim your birth right. It is terrified it will be sacrificed and that you will no longer need it. But this idea is a misperception. For how can you give up anything that is an illusion in the first place?

For if there is only one thing going on – consciousness, God, Goddess, spirit, divine love, all that is, I am – then the ego doesn’t exist. It only appears to have authority in your life, which you give to it whenever you acknowledge its presence. 

There is no sacrifice as there is nothing real to give up. All that is needed is for you to be willing not to pay attention to the misperception of the ego and the illusion of duality.

Be only consciousness, consciously  expressing itself through the movement of love.

There is nothing for you to do, but everything for you to be, as this is your divine state, eternally and forever.