Conversation Twenty-Seven…Don’t go with the Flow

There is a saying go with the flow which implies there is a natural course to life in travelling a journey to a destination. If you go with the flow, are you not allowing yourself to take this journey to who-knows-where? Consider… rather than going with the flow, be the flow… Life is the flow of consciousness(…)

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Conversation Twenty-Six … Destiny Fulfilling Itself

Your destiny is fulfilling itself each and every moment of every day. But as there is no linear time, your destiny is fulfilling itself eternally. Destiny is about being, however as a human being, you will be called to take action. The only actions you need to do will be to listen, look and lean(…)

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Conversation Seven … Trust the Next Step

I have this great desire to be sharing, of making a contribution, of giving. I would like to shake this feeling that I am being wasted.  Nothing is wasted. Everything is part of a continuous circle of energy recreating itself in form. You are experiencing the sensation of inactivity. However you are not inactive as(…)

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