Conversation One … Let Go!

Up until now you thought you knew what you needed particularly in relationship.

Your concepts have now been proven incorrect. In fact you had set up relationships in a way to go slow. The emotional support you believed you received from these relationships supported your fears and self doubts. Now you are at stage in which you miss this ego support and you fight to regain this in your present relationship.

Your partner can give you this however is it truly what you want? I will tell you it is not what you need. Therefore the time to trust is now….Trust that the emotional support you are yearning is right there within you given to you freely from The Goddess to you.

Time to let go of the self-doubt and realise all of You which is All of All. Empower yourself from within knowing that the patterns and concepts which you thought support you are false. Let go. Fall into the embrace Just As It Is without preconceptions and explore what the embrace is in the reality you currently explore and the Reality of All That Is.

You wanted an adventure…enjoy!