Conversation Three … Energy of The Goddess of Love

Talk to me about the Goddess of Love

 The Goddess of Love is an energy, which is currently magnifying on the earth. It is an expression of the feminine principle in all it gloriousness, in harmony and balance with the masculine. There is no conflict between the seemingly two energies; there is unity, oneness. The Goddess of Love is the embodiment or personification of this unconditional love energy as expressed through the feminine. Here we find the qualities of mother, lover, protectress, dancer of life, wise medicine woman, eclectic gypsy and loving crone.

I feel like I am thinking this up….and that it is not really you.

 What is happening here is that you are engaging parts of your intellect in this conversation as you seek the appropriate words for the ideas that are formulating in your mind. Do not let this disturb you too much or your analysing will slowdown the process. You are really moving through an avenue into a realm of familiarity that you can feel but can’t articulate or describe effectively. You are beginning to realise that something else is going on…that something you feel compelled to be part of, compelled to share, compelled to teach is revealing itself to you. You are trying to put words to this, to seek the direction this will take you but this is not the time for this now.

What is now the time for then?

For you to regroup! The Goddess has been wanting you to relax and regroup for some time now and that is why nothing seems to be happening.

Nothing seems to be happening a lot over the last 15 years.

Periods of inactivity deemed by you are actually periods where The Goddess desires you to regroup. If you cannot master the regrouping in a place of surrender how can you express the nuances of this experience to others who are going through the same thing? Do whatever it takes to connect with this awakening energy and not lose touch with it.

This sounds so metaphysical and I have put my energies into this awakening for so long and I still feel like I have so far to go and have achieved nothing. No financial independence, no career, no feeling of truly making a difference; just a growing feeling of having wasted half a lifetime.

Your sitting around and wanting to fill in time with something else is wasting time. Filling the time now with You is not wasting time. It is using time to its greatest advantage.

But it would be really great to get some feedback that this is right, that this isn’t just a part of me trying to make me feel better. Surely it’s not too much to ask for you to give me a sign; a sign that I am in the right place at the right time in the right situation. I used to get so many omens and now I really need some.

Very well you will get your omens…