Conversation Four … Release the Concept of Time

Should I be somewhere else? Doing something else with someone else?

No, right here, now is right for you.

Why don’t I believe you? Before I would be so convinced that this dialogue was indeed Real and I would feel happy and content that I heard correctly. Why do I know not feel this anymore?

Because you are so involved with the concept that time is running out for you. You have lost faith in yourself that you can fulfil your destiny now or tomorrow or next year. You are aging yourself, be aware of that. It is absolutely essential that you believe in you firstly again and then your belief in these dialogues as Reality will return to you. However you are not that far from that experience as you are still writing as we speak together. You want this to be true, so want your destiny to be true without the conditions you are placing upon it.

So what? I just sit around writing these dialogues forever and a day and that is fulfilling my destiny? What about this feeling I have always had and the joy it gives me and the readings I have had that tell me unequivocally that I am here to do great works. That I am here with a wonderful gift to be in front of the people sharing joy with the people? What about that? Where is my opportunity to do that if I am sitting like a hermit all day talking with you?

Patience, you will shortly be in a position to of destiny fulfilment and you will need the courage and strength that you are developing now to remain unfaltered in that position. The Goddess will not allow the timing to accelerate you into this until you are empowered to stand in it.

Great so now I am getting abstract mumbo jumbo about this great destiny with no clear direction as to what, when or where…

 Let go.

Surely just one opportunity isn’t too much to ask? I am sick of feeling that all I do is chase my tail, do the most appropriate actions and get no positive feedback for it whilst other people get all the breaks. What I want is a break.

Good you finally asked for a break, let’s see what happens now

I’ve been asking for a break for years and nothing has happened and you said before that I am to use this time to regroup, now are you saying that a break is coming? I mean what is it? This dialogue goes in circles with nothing concrete being given.

 Go back and re-read this dialogue and look for the message. It’s not cryptic, it is there for you to discover easily. Look into everything a little more with expectation.