Conversation Five … Focus on the Real You

You are catching glimpses of what Life is; of what your life can be and there is nothing wrong with that except that you become so attached to a particular outcome that you lose sight of the Life as it is.

 If you would just relax into the life you live now, presently and give up the anguish about are things going to work out? Is everything going to be the way you want it? And enjoy.

 You did more of the enjoying today and as you can see when you sat down to talk to me there were no pressing questions you felt compelled to have answered. Your energy was more peaceful and yet if you look closely that energy of peace doesn’t mean there is no passion. There is still passion and a commitment to “thy will be done” however it is without the barrier of desperation.

It is the energy of desperation and ‘wanting to know everything in your timing’ which blocks the flow of the energy of peace and therefore the energy of manifesting.

 Peace, gratitude, and passion – these energies manifest when lived with love. The love and peace you are allowing back into your life is fuelling your passion on a deep level. Let these energies flow; become embraced by these energies once more. Enjoy even the most seemingly mundane tasks and feel again.

 Feel the Goddess energy welling up inside you. You are focussing on a future you rather than on a future event!! This is the Goddess manifesting.

 Focus on the future You – on the Real You, not what you want to happen but on the You your dreams would happen to. This is the Goddess Reality.

 You are beginning to feel a sense of freedom, a sense of connectedness again. This will not take long for you as you established this link over many years in this lifetime. The link is not broken. You have not been forgotten but you did forget YOU. The YOU you spent so long to get in contact with. This you knew and have asked about and cried about and now you feel stronger and more empowered again to connect successfully. And this is simply because you have at last taken time out regularly for you and have firmly disregarded those situations and opinions that distract you from the truth. Continue doing so. Say no to the voice that wants to distract you. Say no with all the courage and strength you can muster. Then you will feel the peace and passion returning at a rate of knots. Then this flow of energy will open other doorways in your life for greater riches to flow.

 This is what the Goddess is all about, surrendering to the flow. The Goddess of Love energy is surrendering to the flow of love which is always accompanied by peace, passion, compassion, contribution and empowerment. This is the truth you seek. Seek the Truth and then allow the rest to flow from you and to you as a result of this freedom.