Conversation Twelve … Another Year Begins

Another year begins, or so it seems. Where in fact there is no beginning or end. All there is The Goddess, is God, is Universal Truth expressing itself through each and everything. There is nothing more going on than this.

Therefore in order for you to explore this Truth there is but one New Year’s resolution to be pledged. And that is to make the decision that You are of more value than anything else. Therefore each day give yourself time to sit and be with You, to be with Me and experience Peace, experience the depth and expansiveness of your brilliance. Do not make excuses that you are too busy, that there is not enough time. Ask for help from others and from Me. If necessary delegate to others those chores that they can do so you can stop and go within. Once this decision is made and you honour it with your actions, your life will find balance and your desires will manifest elegantly, gracefully. There is nothing for you to Do, all there is for you is to Be.