Conversation Twenty-Three…Death & Dying

How can there be death when the only thing going on is the activity of consciousness in expression?

Activity means energy, which means life. Therefore there is no death, only life.

Form may transmute and change but that does not mean its dies, or stops; the energy keeps going in another form.

Think of it as making a cake… You begin by mixing all the ingredients together. This can be likened to your consciousness and its experience of life, being mixed together. Then you pour the cake mix into a tin and place it in the oven. The cake mix changes form from a thick, sticky batter into a light, fluffy cake, but the ingredients remain the same. You can even eat the cake and the form changes again but the ingredients remain the same.

This is the same when your physical body dies. Your body may change form but the ingredients, the consciousness and its experience of being, remains the same. Life remains, the activity goes on.

There is only life in different form and the love you have shared during your life experience is eternal….