Conversation Seven … Trust the Next Step

I have this great desire to be sharing, of making a contribution, of giving. I would like to shake this feeling that I am being wasted.

 Nothing is wasted. Everything is part of a continuous circle of energy recreating itself in form. You are experiencing the sensation of inactivity. However you are not inactive as you are energy constantly changing form. This is not wasting.

You asked for a direction. We have already discussed this, remain focussed on you. You are taking action towards this through the physical commitment to your health. This is a good thing. This will allow you to channel more energy into You in a practical tangible way. You will experience wonderful results and you will again feel pleased with yourself. This is the action of the Goddess of Love in personal manifestation. How can someone engage the energy of The Goddess if they don’t create the vessel in which to hold this energy? You are inherently being guided to do this and your willingness in this area is commendable.

Yes I understand this and I know this is happening and that this is a significant step towards fulfilment however I am still anxious as to the next step.

You don’t know the next step and that’s part of the process. You don’t need to know the next step. Each step is a step of trust, a step of surrendering into the flow of the energy. You must be willing to let go further and further into this and most of all rejoice in it. Believe without reservation that miracles happen.

I do. I believe that my belief in miracles and that magic can happen has brought me this far without going mad, but it…

Why do you block your future with BUTS???? Practise Being without the ‘buts’.

Now you have relaxed and you are getting the picture. Immerse yourself in the energy. Absorb the energies in them. Channel that energy for YOU, we are waiting and we will continue to do so. We are here and we never leave you.

Shine right where you are! A beautiful rose will be seen by those who appreciate such things. That is your teaching for yourself and for others.