Conversation Eight … There is Only We

Well again I have not taken the time out to talk with you as I should. However I feel like I have got myself back on track a little more and that given this I am beginning to relax more into the Movement once again. There is nothing particularly pressing for me to ask so if you have anything to speak with me about, please go ahead

 The most important thing presently in the communication for everyone is to realise there is no us and them. There is no other side. All communication exists as simply as you talk with any person. We are always here, now. We do not exist in another place. We exist with you in fact we are the You that you are looking for.

 How to describe the Allness of everything and at the same time describe the individuality of this Allness? It is an experience that you must let yourself feel into more and more. It is what you described as the space in your life.You are beginning to live in that space slowly, step by step. Continue taking this time out to be in the space. Do whatever ‘exercises’ that assist you to be in that space. For it is in the practices of being in the space that you will blossom. That is where the rose lives.

 Proceed with your idea about doing a monthly full moon meditation. It will assist you in being in the space and anyone who joins you will also find benefit in this. Do not see this meditation for anything other than being in the space. Allow yourself once more to just do these activities which bring you joy as part of your Beingness and not as a lead up to something bigger and better. This is what this is all about. No expectations.

 You have an open line of communication that you would benefit from using more often. You have never given your connection away to another and this is a good thing however keep the connection here vital, alive and well-oiled and then enjoy the results.

 Now surrender yourself to the outcome whatever it is divinely. Be the swan and trust.