Conversation Ten.. The Presence of Peace

Be the presence of peace. So many think they are looking for balance; to balance their family and work, to balance their kilojoules in and energy out, to balance their finances. So many think it is about bringing balance to their life. It is not. Balance implies the possibility of sliding off the fulcrum to once again be out of balance. In fact what everyone’s Essence is crying out for is Peace.

As you have moved away from your Peace, you have experienced more hurt, denial, frustration, anger and lethargy. In fact without Peace you experience pain; emotional, physical, mental and spiritual until you are at war with yourselves. And in the macrocosm you can clearly see so many societies in the world are at war with each other. It is not balance that is needed to realign the planet, to realign the energy, it is Peace.

Be the presence of Peace in your world… in your internal and external world.

Reflect Peace in all you think, say and do. You are Home. You are at Peace.