Conversation Twenty … Birthday Prayer of Gratitude

For your birthday, a prayer of gratitude for you to meditate upon. With Love Always, The Goddess.

Today is the day I chose to incarnate into this life, this time around.

This date signifies many characteristics, qualities and challenges depending on which numerology, astrology or charts I consult.

But in truth, I am here as the unique expression of consciousness in movement. This is what I am most grateful for…

To be here again and have this opportunity to play in this grand adventure called life on planet Earth.

For the love and the loss along the way.

For the beauty that not only surrounds but indwells me.

For the joy, passion and power that sustains me.

For I am whole. I am successful. I am loved. I am love.

There is nothing for me to do, but everything for me to be.

My birthday is an annual reminder of who I am and I am grateful for another opportunity to exalt this fact today.

I live a wondrous, extraordinary life filled with health, wealth and love.

I am blessed with boundless miracles manifesting, as my future vision enters my present reality each and every day.

Happy birthday to me. Happy Me. I Am.