Conversation Thirty-One…Evolution of Consciousness

There is a collective purpose and it is not to succeed at life, for to succeed is egocentric. The collective purpose is to for everyone to be the fullest expression of conscious being, for the evolution of human consciousness. Therefore it behooves everyone to grow, to be only that which contributes to individualized growth and that of the collective expansion of consciousness. Disregard the rest. Disregard what the world tells you unless it aligns with the evolution of human consciousness.

Be brave, be more, grow more. Let your life glorify your evolving consciousness. Consider every action you take as an action of glorification to consciousness. If everyone acted as if glorifying the evolution of human consciousness there would be peace, for peace is the effect produced by the cause of glorification. Every day in every way, express more of who you are, glorify your life and be at peace.