ConversationTwenty-Four…Easy does it

Easy does it. There is no need to rush, hurry or force things along. Everything is occurring in perfect timing. Being is an experience, not a feeling, not a sensation, being is beyond knowing. Being is the experience of self-actualisation, of uncovered consciousness.

If not distorted by the layers of ego interpretations and perceptions, it is the clarity, the space from which you experience yourself as consciousness. The space where your life is perfect and eternal. You are not progressing towards being, you already are being that which is, which is immortal, invincible consciousness.

Although the sentiment is touching, there is no choice or answer to the question, To be or not to be is not, as there is no possible way for you not to be. Being is who you are.

Being is experienced most simply in those ‘ah-ha’ moments of realisation, in the bliss of unconditional love. In the moments when you experience that there is nothing else going on around or about you, but love. Although it seems hard to accept when confronted with the death, destruction and despair reported by the media, there are more of humankind being than you think. The world is filled with an increased awareness – the experience of human beings, being. Let not doubt, fear or sadness veil you from this truth. The more you allow yourself to live in right place, right time, the more you express who you are truly…the unique expression of consciousness in movement – Being!