Conversation Twenty-Six … Destiny Fulfilling Itself

Your destiny is fulfilling itself each and every moment of every day. But as there is no linear time, your destiny is fulfilling itself eternally. Destiny is about being, however as a human being, you will be called to take action. The only actions you need to do will be to listen, look and lean into the omens and refuse to participate in the doubts, fears and impatience of the ego.

Be with your destiny. Feel it. Focus on it, knowing it is already so. There is nothing more important than being conscious. Being your destiny now.  It does not exist somewhere out there. It is here, now. You feel the stirrings of your soul, calling you to take action. Take it. Be conscious, listening, looking and leaning into the omens. And in doing so you fulfill your destiny with elegance instead of effort.

Remain at peace, poised and patient with absolute knowing. Be unwavering in your commitment to your being. As you continue focussing on growth, your destiny fulfills itself. Affirm this with every thought, word and action. Affirm you are consciousness in expression, therefore you are destiny – being.

The world is more than your oyster. The world is you fulfilling your destiny.