Conversation Thirty…Wanting more

So many want more in life. More money, more fun, more adventure, more love, more health. There is nothing wrong in wanting more, but most don’t must realize or want to accept responsibility that if they want more, they must firstly be more in their lives.

Being more requires giving. You can only receive more after you have given more. Give more love, give more joy, give more kindness and compassion, give more time and energy to those in need. In short, give more of You every day in every way. Once you give more of your Being, of your energy, you create a vacuum into which energy will return…thus you receive more. Do this with the intention of love, not as a pay-off. Pay-offs are paybacks and you will receive that which you give.

So the next time you find yourself thinking of the more you want in your life, ask yourself – How can I give more, right now in this moment? and take immediate action in the giving process.