Conversation Thirty-Two…There is only Unfoldment

When you cling to the past you demonstrate a belief in loss and separation. Looking back is stagnating and stifling. But when you focus on life unfolding now, and you align yourself to this perfectly-timed, perfectly-harmonic unfoldment, you discover there is no past to which you can cling. There is only the experience of being(…)

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Conversation Twelve … Another Year Begins

Another year begins, or so it seems. Where in fact there is no beginning or end. All there is The Goddess, is God, is Universal Truth expressing itself through each and everything. There is nothing more going on than this. Therefore in order for you to explore this Truth there is but one New Year’s(…)

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Conversation Eight … There is Only We

Well again I have not taken the time out to talk with you as I should. However I feel like I have got myself back on track a little more and that given this I am beginning to relax more into the Movement once again. There is nothing particularly pressing for me to ask so(…)

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