Conversation Thirty-Two…There is only Unfoldment

When you cling to the past you demonstrate a belief in loss and separation. Looking back is stagnating and stifling. But when you focus on life unfolding now, and you align yourself to this perfectly-timed, perfectly-harmonic unfoldment, you discover there is no past to which you can cling. There is only the experience of being in the present moment of the unfoldment. It does not mean you have no impact in life or in the world. Your very presence is integral to the unfoldment, as you are not separate from it and therefore you cannot be lost from it or in it. Nor can anything or anyone else be lost or separated, for everything is unfolding as a whole whether you consciously experience it or not.

There is no birth or death. There is no past or future. There is only unfoldment. Like the waves of the ocean…endlessly rolling, drifting and changing shape, they never cease to be. Likewise, you never cease to be for your form shifts and changes. You are like the waves unfolding endlessly as anĀ ocean of consciousness. A wave cannot be separated or lost, nor can you or your loved ones be separated or lost (to death). You are all eternal consciousness unfolding, rolling, shifting, changing form. Once you align yourself with this, you discover that is all there is and life becomes a radiant experience of unfolding oneness.