Conversation Twenty-Nine…Yield and Witness

You find the more you yield into Being, the more you witness who you divinely are. At first, this sensation of witnessing feels slightly off-putting, as you think you are in and out of your body at the same time. At least, that is how it feels to you. As conversations and activities take place you feel not quite yourself, a part of you seems off somewhere to the side of you. You are there, but at the same time you are close by watching and witnessing everything that is going on, everything you are doing and thinking. Trust the more you yield into this sensation, the more natural it feels. This is yielding, the letting go of old beliefs and conditioning. Trust that you are present in the conscious expression of Being. Trust you do not lose who you think you are when you yield. You are still the person you have always been in the lifetime, embodied in human form. Yet now there is the experience of more – you are now the fuller expression of you. This is yielding and when you witness yourself in and from this state, you are Being – both the noun and verb simultaneously.

Enjoy this space. Enjoy this experience, this sensation as you go about your day to day activities. When you experience the yielding and the witnessing, do not think yourself crazy, do not recall yourself back into your limited sense of self. Instead explore the sensation and commit to residing in the yielding and witnessing for as long as you can. This is the uncovering of eternal, invincible you. You are yielding into the fuller expression of your consciousness – you are awakening. This is your natural state of Being. Enjoy!